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Conference Rewind 2023 is Here With All New Presentations

Did you miss our 2022 Virtual Conference? Here’s your chance to “rewind” and take advantage of some of these great sessions from the comfort of your home or office. ISA is excited to bring its members, credential holders and the community its new ISA Conference Rewind series. Developed by ISA, the ISA Conference Rewind series will feature a new video each month over the next several months. The featured videos will consist of the most popular presentations from our 2022 Virtual Conferenc


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September 2023 Issue of Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Now Online!

The September 2023 Issue of Arboriculture & Urban Forestry is now online! In this issue: Why Is My Boxwood Orange? Factors That Influence Winter Color Change in Boxwood Foliage in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA Examining Species Diversity and Urban Forest Resilience in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) Metropolitan Area Green Infrastructure with Actual Canopy Parameterization: A Simulation Study for Heat Stress Mitigation in a Hot-Humid Urban Environment Read t


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Earn CEUs with the New Collection of Articles

ISA offers a variety of educational materials and products to help arborists expand their professional knowledge and experience. Every month, we will feature a product or group of products. In September, ISA is featuring the Collection of CEU Articles on Plant Health Care Volume 2. Written by specialists in the field, the Plant Health Care Volume 2 is a compilation of CEU articles previously published in Arborist News. The selected articles aim to improve arborists’ understanding of the int


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Mythbusters: Top 3 Myths of Planting in the Fall

Fall is here, and you have left your planting work a bit too late this year. Will you be able to dig into the soil to plant that new tree, and more importantly, will it survive? While colder temperatures may create some hesitation around fall planting, it is actually a great time to add new greenery to your yard. Read on as we tackle the top three myths associated with planting in the fall. Myth #1: Spring is the best and only time to plant a new tree or shrub. False! Whi


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Fighting Food Insecurity with the Urban Forest: Four Native Shrubs to Plant This Year

Food insecurity is a growing concern, especially with recent inflation trends and the impacts of adverse weather events on our food supply. The urban forest is home to many diverse edible plant species and can be leveraged to help increase availability and easy access to local food. Check out our top four most nutritious native shrubs that you can plant to grow food and our urban forest. When a person has access to enough safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary


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The Fire That Sparked A Movement

It started slowly. Just one lightning strike in a remote location — forests survive them every day. Then another, and another, and another. Before long, one of America’s most beloved national parks was consumed by flames. It was June 1988, and Yellowstone was experiencing the beginnings of what would become the worst fire in the history of the park. A historically dry summer had set the stage for the destruction — and soon, 45 fires wer

How Healthy is the Forest? Ask This Owl.

In the days of coal mining, workers would take canaries down to the tunnels with them to detect carbon monoxide. Canaries would warn miners of the impending danger in their surroundings. Some environmentalists say Northern spotted owls in the forests of the Pacific Northwest are like the canaries in the coal mines. As an indicator of forest health, the spotted owl population also serves as a warning signal for the condition of its environment. But there’s

Facing Down California's Monster Fires

Gus Boston is one of those people who plans for the worst. When he enters a movie theater, he locates the exits. He sits in the emergency row on airplanes. He bought his northern California home in a location away from the high risk of wildfire. This mentality is part of what makes him so good at his job, and it’s most likely what has saved his life a time or two. “We think we’re in control,” he says, “but we are not.” Working for CalFire, Boston has been

Our Work: TreePeople’s Planting Season In Review

As the days start warming up and we come to the end of another planting season, we want to thank YOU for making this – TreePeople’s 50th year of partnering with communities to plant a greener California – such a special year for us. From Inglewood to the Angeles National Forest to the Inland Empire, TreePeople volunteers have helped build shade equity and restore and protect critical wildlands across Southern California. This year we launched new projects throughout the Southland. We launched

Stop The Top

You’ve undoubtedly seen it, and may aggravate you as you drive by it. The sight of a mature tree that has been cut well below the height it should be reaching. This tree, sadly, has been Topped. It is as unnatural as it seems, a huge trunk with a tiny sphere of leaves. This is, sadly, a very common practice–especially when done on trees beneath power lines. The priority in this practice is to clear the right-of-way of the utility lines. Utility companies are obliged to maintain a certain amount

A Tree Can Be Relief

For people around the world, extreme summer heat is becoming a lasting part of summer break. In the U.S., all-time daily record highs are becoming commonplace as climate change redefines what summertime feels like. Now more than ever, trees can be the answer to one of our most pressing issues. WHEN HEAT BECOMES DEADLY Extreme heat isn’t just uncomfortable. The risk of danger rises alongside the temperature. Extreme heat already kills more Americans every year than any other

Crowdsourced Urban Heat Maps Reshape Opinions and Landscapes

A Companion Blog to the Internet of Nature Podcast Season 5, Episode 4 September 5, 2023 |  Alec Sabatini If you can’t stand the heat, you’re not alone. Climate change and the urban heat island effect are sending city thermometers soaring, particularly in low-income and nonwhite neighborhoods. Many recognize urban trees are a key defense against heat, but getting the space and resources to plant and maintain greenspace takes substantial political and fin

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NASA, Forest Service to Share Moon Tree Seedlings, Promote STEM

Education and community organizations can apply to receive a living piece of spaceflight history to promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics: a seedling grown from a tree seed that flew around the Moon on the NASA’s Artemis I mission in late 2022. NASA and the USDA Forest Service will distribute Artemis Moon Tree seedlings of five different species to create new ways for communities on Earth to connect with humanity’s exploration of space for the benefit of all. Nearly 2,00


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Integrating CRM Software and TreePlotter™

Resolve tree service requests faster by letting TreePlotter and CRM software collaborate July 12, 2023 | Alec Sabatini, Michael Tregonning Some of our municipal TreePlotter clients face a common obstacle. They have a system for logging resident requests, generally called a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, that is distinct from TreePlotter. Getting tree-related requests into TreePlotter IN

Creating the Right Change With Urban Forestry Funding

Companion Blog To The Internet of Nature Podcast Season 5, Episode 10 July 3, 2023 |  Alec Sabatini The season finale of the Internet of Nature Podcast’s exploration of the future of urban forestry is all about money. Jad Daley, President of American Forests, joined Dr. Nadina Galle to talk about the urban forestry funding paradigm shift in U.S. urban forestry. Their discussion covered the cause of the funding windf

Addressing the Urban Forestry Labor Shortage

Help Wanted You see this message in various forms plastered everywhere these days. Many industries are feeling the strain of a skilled labor shortage and urban forestry is no exception. With government funding spiking and an abundance of tree planting goals (some 9 digits long!), we need more hands on deck to keep up with the demand for greener cities. In episode six of the Internet of Nature Podcast, Dr. Nadina Galle spoke with Leslie Berckes, Executive D

Acing Volunteer Tree Maintenance

Urban trees face a gauntlet of threats. Soil compaction, pests, heat, pollution, and vandalism are all part of the reason the half-life of urban trees is estimated at 13-20 years. Making sure new trees are well maintained through their formative first 3-5 years is essential for setting them up for a long, healthy life. In this episode of the Internet of Nature Podcast Dr. Nadina Galle spoke with Tom Ebeling, of the nonprofit Openlands, on how their TreePlanters Grant Program helps volunteer tr

Natural Climate Solutions: Linking Urban Forestry and Climate Action

A Companion Blog To The Internet of Nature Podcast Season 5, Episode 7 May 30, 2023 |  Alec Sabatini   The phrase natural climate solutions (and its relative, nature-based solutions) has been sprouting up all over my digital landscape this year. These concepts have been building political and financial momentum lately and that has helpful ramifications for urban forestry. In epis
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