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Hello all. I am not an arborist but I am an ecologist that advises on root prosthetics, underground watering, moisture analysis, predictive plant and site selection, and critical area monitoring.

Also, just for fun, I join groups like this to learn lots lots more.  I live in the Puget Sound area, and work with so many others to piece together our patchwork ecosystems.

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  • CommuniTREE

Welcome to CommuniTREE  @Anna ! You might find interest in our Resource Library & different Clubs at the top. This is a home for Urban Forestors, Arborists and anyone with similar interests. It'll be great to see some discussion around the topics you advise on.🙂

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Hello! I am an Urban Forester and Arborist for the City of Cortez in Southwestern Colorado. New to the position, and it is a new position within the City, so I am figuring it out as I go along. Hoping to learn some valuable insights from you all!

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Thanks! I've been an Arborist for about 5 years now. Started in Line Clearance before I went to Residential and Commercial. I did a bit of Forestry for just over a year before I found this position. This is by far my favorite position i have held since beginning working with trees.

How about yourself?

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  • CommuniTREE


I've been been building communities for about 9 years know and have been assisting The CommuniTREE Collective in fostering a global vision for the urban forestry community.

@Kyle @Wataru Don't forget to enter the tree selfie contest for $25 Amazon Giftcard, you can have the family join & enter also!


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  • PlanIT Geo

Hi all,

I work in the customer success program for our TreePlotter software and live outside of Denver, CO. I love to connect people in the tree world with the resources they need to be successful and grow their programs! 

Welcome to all and If you have others at your organization or professional group that can help us to ask and answer questions, feel free to invite them. I am encouraging all our software users to join and share. Please create a post - share and ask! I will happily connect you with folks that can share resoruces with you.



PXL_20211003_193305417 (2).jpg

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Beth Corrigan
Customer Success Manager, PlanIT Geo™
O: 303-529-2781
M: 708-683-0982
PO Box 1334
Wheat Ridge, CO, 80034


ISA Certified Arborist IL9090-AM



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