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Are you passionate about urban forestry and eager to showcase your municipality's initiatives to a broader audience? Bring your Community & Share content on the CommuniTree Collective, a platform designed to promote urban forestry efforts and share valuable content with the masses.


What is the CommuniTree Collective?

The CommunitTree Collective is a nationwide initiative that aims to bring together urban forestry programs and municipalities from across the country & abroad. We believe in the power of sharing success stories, educational content, and resources to inspire others and grow the urban forestry sector worldwide.


Why Sign-up my City and/or Town?

Amplify Your City/Town Impact: By becoming part of the CommunitTree Collective, you'll have the opportunity to share your urban forestry projects and initiatives with a wider audience.

Learn and Collaborate: Connect with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and gain insights from others in the field.
Recognition and Exposure: Showcase your municipality's efforts and get the recognition it deserves. Your content will be seen by a broad and diverse audience.

Content Distribution: The CommuniTREE Collective will help get your content shared to the masses. (Currently FREE of charge.)

Manage your municipality's group & it's members via CommuniTREE.

How to Get Started:

Register your municipality


Within 48 hours you will receive confirmation of your municipality fully setup on the CommuniTREE Collective and ready for you and your team to manage.


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