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Women in Arboriculture from a Man’s Perspective

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  • PlanIT Geo

LOL great way to blame women for their lack of success in a male-dominated field. The writer obviously doesn't understand how women are socially conditioned to many of his complaints on how women are the reason they do not succeed in the industry, or even join at all. He doesn't call out the actions of the men, just says they are normal and women need to get over it! HA! Must be easy to break the glass ceiling when you're part of the boys club (by getting open door policy access). It's nice to see he appreciates women with the same viewpoints as his, I wonder how his article would have been different (or never written at all) if he wasn't living in an echo chamber. I'll end my thoughts here as I better get back to doing what I am best at, entry-level work and helping men be their best self 🙄 

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  • PlanIT Geo

Sadly, I still remember the horrendous photo op banner that TCI displayed at the ISA Knoxville conference.

Clearly, TCI upper management (and the Board of Dircetors?) did not learn from that - or from the many women's panel discussions over the last few years. Instead, they chose to re-run an old and tired article from 2021. It was misguided then, and even more offensive now. I appreciate that TCI is (trying??) addressing the inequalities in our industry. Now, can they solicit articles from WOMEN instead of the male point of view which blames women?

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I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, so I'll start there. I think there are some nice sentiments in this, eventually, but they are said near the end. Unfortunately IMO, this article really needed more thought and collaboration to get the key messages delivered in the right way because it doesn't read well especially at the start. This is such an important topic, so thinking more positively I'll say: those who first don't succeed should try, try again! (but with a bit of writing help and review)

The best laid plans...

Ian H.

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Ian ("Treean")

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  • CommuniTREE

This article is antiquated, offensive, and a poor reflection on TCI. I cannot beleieve an industry leader would promote (AND REPROMOTE) this uninformed, insensitive, and blindly written article. Would appreciate POSITIVE and PRODUCTIVE discussions around women in arboriculture and around the industry. Try a womans perspective next time. The male who wrote this article HAS NO IDEA.

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