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Slack Line attached to Park Trees

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Good day from SoCal.

Could  anyone aide in enlightening me on any existing tree protection ordnances which might serve as a template for creating an ordnance related tree protection? 

Thank you in advance.

Woody Brickey Port of San Diego.


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Our ordinance does not allow it and I actively enforce it. The last community I worked for had an explosion of them during the pandemic and we eased off on enforcement until covid slowed, them started requiring removal. The community I work in now had a similar issue and then I came and starting enforcing removal with about 40 or so violations so far this year.


Here is the language from both ordinances:

No person, without lawful authority, shall willfully injure, deface, disfigure, cut, carve, transplant, remove, destroy, attach any rope, wire, nail, advertising posters, election posters or other contrivance to any tree, shrub, grass or flower, allow any gaseous liquid, chemical or solid substance which is harmful to such trees, shrubs, grass and flowers to come in contact with them; or set fire to, or permit any fire to burn when such fire or the heat therefrom will injure any portion of any tree, shrub, grass or flower, located on any public place or thoroughfare.



Sec. 20-101. - Wires or ropes on trees.
(a)It is unlawful for any person to attach any wire or rope to any tree or shrub in any public way or place without the permission of the Village Engineer.(b)Any person given the right to maintain poles and wires in the public way or place in the village shall, in the absence of provision in the franchise concerning the subject, keep such wires and poles free from and away from any trees or shrubs in such places so far as may be possible and shall keep all such trees and shrubs properly trimmed, subject to the supervision of the Director of Engineering and Public Works, so that no damage shall be done either to the poles or wires or the shrubs and trees by contact with such wires or poles.



If you would like I can also share a form letter I drafted as well as some additional language I use in emails with residents.





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