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Our Work: TreePeople’s Planting Season In Review

As the days start warming up and we come to the end of another planting season, we want to thank YOU for making this – TreePeople’s 50th year of partnering with communities to plant a greener California – such a special year for us. From Inglewood to the Angeles National Forest to the Inland Empire, TreePeople volunteers have helped build shade equity and restore and protect critical wildlands across Southern California. This year we launched new projects throughout the Southland. We launched

Stop The Top

You’ve undoubtedly seen it, and may aggravate you as you drive by it. The sight of a mature tree that has been cut well below the height it should be reaching. This tree, sadly, has been Topped. It is as unnatural as it seems, a huge trunk with a tiny sphere of leaves. This is, sadly, a very common practice–especially when done on trees beneath power lines. The priority in this practice is to clear the right-of-way of the utility lines. Utility companies are obliged to maintain a certain amount
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