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Crowdsourced Urban Heat Maps Reshape Opinions and Landscapes

A Companion Blog to the Internet of Nature Podcast Season 5, Episode 4 September 5, 2023 |  Alec Sabatini If you can’t stand the heat, you’re not alone. Climate change and the urban heat island effect are sending city thermometers soaring, particularly in low-income and nonwhite neighborhoods. Many recognize urban trees are a key defense against heat, but getting the space and resources to plant and maintain greenspace takes substantial political and fin

PlanIT Geo

PlanIT Geo in PlanIt Geo

Integrating CRM Software and TreePlotter™

Resolve tree service requests faster by letting TreePlotter and CRM software collaborate July 12, 2023 | Alec Sabatini, Michael Tregonning Some of our municipal TreePlotter clients face a common obstacle. They have a system for logging resident requests, generally called a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, that is distinct from TreePlotter. Getting tree-related requests into TreePlotter IN

Creating the Right Change With Urban Forestry Funding

Companion Blog To The Internet of Nature Podcast Season 5, Episode 10 July 3, 2023 |  Alec Sabatini The season finale of the Internet of Nature Podcast’s exploration of the future of urban forestry is all about money. Jad Daley, President of American Forests, joined Dr. Nadina Galle to talk about the urban forestry funding paradigm shift in U.S. urban forestry. Their discussion covered the cause of the funding windf

Addressing the Urban Forestry Labor Shortage

Help Wanted You see this message in various forms plastered everywhere these days. Many industries are feeling the strain of a skilled labor shortage and urban forestry is no exception. With government funding spiking and an abundance of tree planting goals (some 9 digits long!), we need more hands on deck to keep up with the demand for greener cities. In episode six of the Internet of Nature Podcast, Dr. Nadina Galle spoke with Leslie Berckes, Executive D

Acing Volunteer Tree Maintenance

Urban trees face a gauntlet of threats. Soil compaction, pests, heat, pollution, and vandalism are all part of the reason the half-life of urban trees is estimated at 13-20 years. Making sure new trees are well maintained through their formative first 3-5 years is essential for setting them up for a long, healthy life. In this episode of the Internet of Nature Podcast Dr. Nadina Galle spoke with Tom Ebeling, of the nonprofit Openlands, on how their TreePlanters Grant Program helps volunteer tr

Natural Climate Solutions: Linking Urban Forestry and Climate Action

A Companion Blog To The Internet of Nature Podcast Season 5, Episode 7 May 30, 2023 |  Alec Sabatini   The phrase natural climate solutions (and its relative, nature-based solutions) has been sprouting up all over my digital landscape this year. These concepts have been building political and financial momentum lately and that has helpful ramifications for urban forestry. In epis
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