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Fighting Global Challenges With Greatest Focus and Millions of Trees

Climate change. Environmental injustice. Vulnerable communities. Unprecedented catastrophes. Threatened ecosystems. The world is facing mounting challenges that are threatening our very survival — challenges that can feel overwhelming. These issues seem big because they are big. But we must remember that each individual act can make a difference. And when we work collectively, we have the power to clear any obstacle in our way. All we need is a starting point. The easiest and m

A Tree Can Be An Equalizer

One might assume everybody has access to trees, greenspace, and nature regardless of race, color, or creed. But dig a little closer and another story emerges. Pull up any satellite map of most urban areas of the United States and it will yield a patchwork of green hues prominent in some locations, hard to find in others. Too often, it’s people of color living in these neighborhoods with less access to greenspaces and nature. This nature disparity can have further dire consequences beyo

The Science Behind Planting 500 Million Trees

Planting 500 million trees in five years is a big job. For the Arbor Day Foundation, it wouldn’t be possible without a vast network of global tree planting organizations, our portfolio of individual and corporate supporters, and more than 50 years of know-how in creating impact with trees. As we look ahead to the next 50 years, we’re continuing to innovate how we apply intelligent, data-informed strategy to our work. It starts with our goal to plant 90 percent of re

Investing In Home

Helping a community taking root in Upstate South Carolina When you talk to the people of Upstate South Carolina, they talk about the area’s history. The history of mill towns that had to grow, innovate, and change as the textile industry moved out of town. While certain areas found new ways to thrive, others haven’t always received the same amount of investment and opportunities. In the ci

The Versatility of a Tree's Impact in Environmental Justice Work

How exactly can a tree be a solution to environmental injustice? Well, it depends. Just as environmental injustices take a variety of forms, the role a tree plays in helping to correct these environmental challenges in our country’s most vulnerable neighborhoods can change from place to place, too. Trees do so much for every neighborhood. They make our communities more vibrant, create connections between neighbors, and offer so many physical and mental benefits for every in

The Fire That Sparked A Movement

It started slowly. Just one lightning strike in a remote location — forests survive them every day. Then another, and another, and another. Before long, one of America’s most beloved national parks was consumed by flames. It was June 1988, and Yellowstone was experiencing the beginnings of what would become the worst fire in the history of the park. A historically dry summer had set the stage for the destruction — and soon, 45 fires wer

How Healthy is the Forest? Ask This Owl.

In the days of coal mining, workers would take canaries down to the tunnels with them to detect carbon monoxide. Canaries would warn miners of the impending danger in their surroundings. Some environmentalists say Northern spotted owls in the forests of the Pacific Northwest are like the canaries in the coal mines. As an indicator of forest health, the spotted owl population also serves as a warning signal for the condition of its environment. But there’s

Facing Down California's Monster Fires

Gus Boston is one of those people who plans for the worst. When he enters a movie theater, he locates the exits. He sits in the emergency row on airplanes. He bought his northern California home in a location away from the high risk of wildfire. This mentality is part of what makes him so good at his job, and it’s most likely what has saved his life a time or two. “We think we’re in control,” he says, “but we are not.” Working for CalFire, Boston has been

A Tree Can Be Relief

For people around the world, extreme summer heat is becoming a lasting part of summer break. In the U.S., all-time daily record highs are becoming commonplace as climate change redefines what summertime feels like. Now more than ever, trees can be the answer to one of our most pressing issues. WHEN HEAT BECOMES DEADLY Extreme heat isn’t just uncomfortable. The risk of danger rises alongside the temperature. Extreme heat already kills more Americans every year than any other
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