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Getting the buzz on climate resilient pollinator gardens: a UFDG workshop series

Submitted by Sarah Halonen on October 18, 2023   Supporting pollinators through native gardening is a climate action we can all get behind! Through a two-part workshop series led by Lorraine Johnson and Sheila Colla, LEAF volunteer garden stewards learned strategies to build more resilient pollinator gardens. Read more on how you can incorporate these approaches into growing your own pollinator garden. In the face of climate change, many of us wonder what actions

Bountiful Fall – How Native Plants Help Wildlife Prepare For Winter

Submitted by Justin Lewis on October 04, 2023   The arrival of fall marks a crucial period for our wildlife friends as they brace themselves for the upcoming winter. The tasks of securing food and seeking refuge, whether for hibernation or migration, are shared among mammals, birds and insects alike. Fortunately, native trees, shrubs, flowering plants and grasses stand ready to provide support so these creatures have all the essentials to endure the challenges of the cold season

Girdling Roots: The Silent Tree Killer

Submitted by Jon Curtis on October 04, 2023 A healthy root system is essential for sustaining a healthy tree. Tree roots provide many important life-supporting benefits to trees such as absorbing much-needed water and minerals from the soil for food, storing essential nutrients and anchoring the tree to the ground. But did you know that in some scenarios, tree roots can also be a detriment to tree health? Continue reading to learn about girdling roots and how you can prevent them fro

Stewarding the Earth, the Community and the Soul

Submitted by Jeremy Lewis on October 04, 2023 For one Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) tenant, caring for his local trees is a meaningful gift to give his community. Hear more from our friend and Urban Forest Champion, Jason Sinclair, as he discusses the connection of trees to the quality of life within his community. As part of the TCHC Planting and Stewardship Program, LEAF supports tenants' efforts to take care of newly planted trees in their communities

Mythbusters: Top 3 Myths of Planting in the Fall

Fall is here, and you have left your planting work a bit too late this year. Will you be able to dig into the soil to plant that new tree, and more importantly, will it survive? While colder temperatures may create some hesitation around fall planting, it is actually a great time to add new greenery to your yard. Read on as we tackle the top three myths associated with planting in the fall. Myth #1: Spring is the best and only time to plant a new tree or shrub. False! Whi


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Fighting Food Insecurity with the Urban Forest: Four Native Shrubs to Plant This Year

Food insecurity is a growing concern, especially with recent inflation trends and the impacts of adverse weather events on our food supply. The urban forest is home to many diverse edible plant species and can be leveraged to help increase availability and easy access to local food. Check out our top four most nutritious native shrubs that you can plant to grow food and our urban forest. When a person has access to enough safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary


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