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Request for support of my current ongoing project

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I would like to request an assistance on my current ongoing project to plant 50000 trees seedlings across the country before October this year. I have already started and financial situation is an imminent obstacle. This is non profitable organization I need volunteers and we'll wishes











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Hi everyone, I would like to request well wishers and any person who is willing to support me to plant and educate our community on importance of environment conservation. My community is nomad pastoralists,of which they still lacks education and typically still sticking on acient cultural activities that doesn't add any value on this current world we live today. Recently due to climate change, this suffered severely due to hanger and most of their livestock were dead due to long droughts. 

I would like to assure any investees and well wishers that it is free to come in to support and severe this community. I you need more information contact me through



Email address




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