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Open Positions at Portland Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry (multiple)

Beth Corrigan

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GIS Technician II

Job posting

Manage geodatabases; create tools for data collection; provide analysis, mapping, and support.

$72,405 - $92,352 annually

Closes 10/23/23


Tree Planting Program Supervisor (Supervisor II)

Job posting

Lead tree planting programs and teams.

$103,834 - $147,035 annually

Closes 10/30/23


Tree Planting Specialist (Botanic Specialist II: Forestry) (multiple positions)

Job posting

Manage urban tree planting projects.

$77,106 - $98,384 annually

Open until filled or 12/30/23


Tree Planting Technology and Procurement Coordinator (Coordinator III)

Job posting

Manage technology, software, contract procurement, and other special projects.

$94,390 - $122,637 annually

Closes 10/30/23


Tree Planting Training Coordinator (Coordinator II)

Job posting

Train and mentor new employees and contractors on best practices planting and caring for urban trees.

$80,558 - $114,982 annually

Closes 10/16/2023


Urban Forestry Project Coordinator (Coordinator II)

Job posting

Lead the design, creation, and implementation of Urban Forestry programs and projects.

$80,558 - $114,982 annually

Closes 10/16/2023


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About Portland Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry and Portland’s Forest:
Urban Forestry's mission is to manage and ensure Portland’s urban forest infrastructure for current and future generations. Portland’s urban forest is valued at over $6 billion and comprised of over 1.2 million park trees, 218,000 street trees and 2.9 million private property trees. The Urban Forestry team is responsible for the overall management, stewardship, and improvement of this essential infrastructure system. Urban Forestry’s work includes delivery of sustainable and equitable forest services to all Portlanders; establishing and enacting best management practices, plans, policies and technical standards for tree care and protection and urban forest expansion; implementing, enforcing and proposing improvements to the City’s tree regulations; providing tree maintenance services including 24/7 response to tree emergencies on City properties and public streets; tree planting and expansion of urban forest services; measurement and assessment of urban forest coverage, health and services; offering community education and stewardship programs; and oversight and support of the City’s volunteer advisory tree board. Portland is a Tree City USA for 45 years, a Tree City of the World and the Urban Forestry program is accredited by the Society of Municipal Arborists.



Beth Corrigan
Customer Success Manager, PlanIT Geo™
O: 303-529-2781
M: 708-683-0982
PO Box 1334
Wheat Ridge, CO, 80034


ISA Certified Arborist IL9090-AM



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