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Has your organization applied for grants from IRA funding?


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The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) funding allocation for urban and community forestry will be a tremendous boost for much-need projects around the country. Unfortunately, there are some challenges. Has your organization applied for funding? If so, has it been a struggle knowing what the next steps are and how to prepare now, or a different challenge?


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As I understand it, at least in Ohio, only cities and entities with underrepresented communities are eligible for the pass through IRA funds given to Ohio by the Forest Service.  Is there any other way for a municipality to apply for IRA funds other than through their state forestry organization?  We desperately want to complete an inventory and plan along with hire an urban forester. 

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Terry - at this point, no. The direct NOFO application ended June 1st. However a few thoughts … 1) most communities have eligible, underserved communities and can therefore apply. Check out the CJEST tool if you haven’t already. 2) there might be another round in 2024 because they didn’t allocate all of the funds yet. And 3) there are 12 regrantor organizations like Arbor Day Foundation, American Forests, Trust for Public Land, GroundWork USA, etc. who should have some discretionary funding from their grant awards but that’s TBD still. And I guess 4) try to collaborate with entities pursuing the grant application that Ohio DNR announced. And remember, I guess this would be #5, there are many other funding sources without the restrictions of IRA to consider. 

Ian ("Treean")

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